award-winning sustainable concepts

Sustainability is one of the most important and fastest-growing fields of this decade. It's imperative that we continue to think of creative solutions to combat the damage we're doing to our global ecosystems to ensure an equitable and safe future for the next generation of our planet. 

We've been grateful to be able to meet, work with, and compete with some of the most impressive minds in Los Angeles to think of new approaches to sustainability and global interculturalism. We're committed to restoring the native ecosystems in our home city to create a new and sustainable era for both the city of Los Angeles and the world. 

independent production sustainability guide, 2022

Los Angeles is a global hub of film production. Depending on the production, hundreds of crew members may be required to shoot just seconds of usable footage that'll be seen in the final edit of a feature or show. These crews consume and dispose of massive amounts of single use plastic and emit carbon through the use of generators, machines, and production vehicles.

Currently, studios and independent production companies aren't incentivized to make their productions sustainable, and after countless hours on set, we believe that's a huge oversight. We created a set of independent sustainable solutions for small productions (the future leaders of the film industry).  

collective: the global film initiative, 2o21-

The collective is a global film nonprofit concept that funds short film productions by underrepresented artists from across the world. Through monthly donor-based subscriptions, each selected project has a guaranteed grant of $10,000. Application criteria is based on a sustainable film production guideline modeled based on the United Nations 17 Sustainability Goals. Every donor votes to selected the yearly cohort of projects.

This concept was awarded third place in the USC Marshall Blackstone Launchpad Sustainability Challenge #2 and we were finalists in the 2021 Wrigley Sustainability Prize. For this pitch and competition, we were able to visit and learn at the Wrigley Institute for Environmental Studies. 

#USCPlasticFree, 2021

Plastic overconsumption and pollution is one of the most important issues of this century. On college campuses like USC, the daily amount of single-use plastic waste is immense.

We were awarded first place in the USC Marshall Blackstone Launchpad Sustainability Challenge #1 for our concept and pitch of #USCPlasticFree, a model to make USC's campus businesses plastic-free by 2025 by distributing "zero waste kits" to all incoming students.

We also recommended the implementation of a university-wide land acknowledgment statement to recognize the indigenous tribes that once inhabited Southern California.