film/media development & production

Film is one of the most impactful mediums for sharing new perspectives through creative and compelling stories. We're excited to continue to develop and produce projects that bring seldom-heard stories to audiences across the world. 

We're focused on producing documentaries (both short-form and feature) that tell both humanistic and naturalistic stories. We're also passionate photographers, and use our photography to capture the people and places we've visited. 

The Breakdown, 2024

We're currently pitching an original pilot script titled The Breakdown. Set just before a complete environmental collapse, the series follows a neighborhood in 2040s mid-city Los Angeles; their friendships, their struggles, and their stories.

Good Neighbors, 2023

We're currently producing/financially advising a short thriller/drama film called Good Neighbors. Production is planned for July, 2023 with a release in October!

Wild West - Winter 2022

Sit back, relax, and vibe to our "wildlife mixtape" that serves to capture the West's natural landscapes in the winter of 2022. 

This footage was not shot for the purpose of commercial distribution

Wild California - Summer 2022

Sit back, relax, and vibe to our "wildlife mixtape" that serves to capture California's natural landscapes in the summer of 2022. 

Special thanks to Kavv for providing and composing this incredible music! 

This footage was not shot for the purpose of commercial distribution

The Lazy Rose Cafe, 2022

We're currently producing a series of short documentaries based on local Los Angeles social enterprises! Our first short doc covers the story Erdavria Rose Simpson's social enterprise, the Lazy Rose Cafe. Located in Mid-City on La Brea, Lazy Rose officially opened its doors in March of 2022. 

Transition Age Artists, 2021-

With Green Pines Media, a social enterprise that monetizes art by former foster youth, we developed "Transition Age Artists" a web-based docu-series that shares the creative process and lives of Green Pines Media artists. Production began in February, 2022.

Green Pines Media has a mission of ​generating revenue to help Transition Age Youth artists impacted by child abuse, neglect, and trauma. They accomplish this ​by monetizing exceptional art & music created by TAY artists.

Camano Island Forest Preserve, 2020

It's no secret that one of our favorite things to do is venture into nature. Whenever we do, we always bring our cameras. This video is a short collection of footage we captured during our trip to the Camano Island Forest Preserve in Washington. 

#NotProudtoBe, 2020

This is a sizzle reel for a short documentary concept "#NotProudtoBe," which covers an on-campus movement in reaction to years of racial injustices on the campus of Colorado State University. It was directed and edited by Stevie Gray in March, 2020.

This film is not meant to lessen Colorado State University's credibility as an academic institution, but to show the scope and impact of on-campus racism at predominantly white institutions.



We use photography to capture the people and places we visit. We believe a single frame can tell a multitude of stories, and photographing our adventures across the world is one of our favorite passions.


r&g on the road, 2022-

We're currently producing a traveling podcast! The studio: our car. We recorded in May, 2022 as we drove 65 hours to over ten National Parks! Each episode is based on a topics ranging from climate sustainability to multiculturalism, with travel as a central theme.